120 professionals gathered at the DISCUS Seminar: ICT Solutions for Local Services (Nov 24-25, 2015)


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    The seminar: ICT Solutions for Local Services (practical aspects) took place on 24-25 November in Chisinau. The event was organized by the Information Society Development Institute in the framework of DISCUS project, funded by International Visegrad Fund.

    The seminar was attended by approx. 120 people, including 15 mayors, 20 deputy mayors, secretaries of local/district councils, 20 representatives of libraries, schools/colleges/universities, as well as several experts  from local public authorities of Ist and IInd level from Moldova. The agenda of the event can be found here.

    The event was attended by Acad. Ion Tighineanu, senior vice president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Sergiu Ceaus, Deputy Secretary General of the Government; Andrei Cusca, Ministry of Information Technology and Communications; Dr. Veacesalv Ursachi, head of the Engineering and Technology Sciences Department of ASM.

    The seminar started with the presentation of practical issues regarding the protection of personal data, carried out by two experts from the National Center for Personal Data Protection. The representatives of the State Chancellery presented the funding instruments from external sources for LPAs. Experts from e-Government Center demonstrated reusable electronic government services. In the same context, the administrator of SE MoldData - Dorian Bodiu spoke about the ".MD" domain for LPAs: penetrability, challenges and reality. Were discussed the issues of local authorities with the development of web pages, maintenance of official emails.

    Project manager and IT consultant for UNDP – Olesea Cazau and Eugen Platitu presented IT instruments for LPAs, developed within the projects implemented by UNDP Moldova. Novateca  program results were also presented and were announced the next activities within the program.

    Experts from the Visegrad countries: Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic came up with several suggestions for implementation of e-services at the local level, by sharing the experiences from their respective countries.

    A topic of interest for local government representatives was the presentation focused on "Household Register. Conceptual Approach" delivered by Mihai Grecu - Information Society Development Institute.

    ISDI Director, Dr. Igor Cojocaru presented innovative services of ISDI, which could be opportunities for LPAs, services like virtual tour, network management, information systems development, web development etc.

    According to the evaluation questionnaires, most participants highly appreciated the organization of the seminar and considers the presentations made during the event as useful and gathered knowledge/information as applicable.

    ISDI is grateful to its partners: Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the State Chancellery, National Center for Personal Data Protection, e-Government Center, S.E. MoldData, Novateca program, UNDP; experts from the Visegrad countries, administrative team from ISDI and International Visegrad Fund.

    The seminar from November 24-25 is the final event of the DISCUS project, which lasted for the duration of 2015. Overall were organized 4 events:  2 workshops and 2 seminars; 2 study visits - in Poland and Slovakia. The events within DISCUS project were attended by approx. 300 participants from 33 districts of the country, representatives from the academia, government, civil society, mass media.

    Presentations from the seminar can be downloaded here:
    - General and practical aspects regarding personal data protection - Sergiu Arsene, Sergiu Bozianu, CNPDCP
    - Funding instruments for LPAs project from external sources - Victor Nicolăescu, Alexandru Rusu, State Chancellery
    - “.MD” domain for LPAs: penetrability, goals and reality - Dorian Bodiu, MoldData
    - IT tools for LPAs - O. Cazacu, E. Plătiță, UNDP Moldova
    - About the NOVATECA program - Maria Gonța, Novateca
    - ISDI services – opportunities for LPAs  - dr. Igor Cojocaru, IDSI
    - ICT solutions for LPAs (practical recommendations) - ing. Vladimir Benko, Slovakia
    - DEUS-DCOM - ing. Vladimir Benko, Slovakia
    - TAP system - ing. Vladimir Benko, Slovakia
    - Suggestions for implementing local e-services - RNDr. Vratislav Datel, Czech Republic
    - Example of software for LPA  - dr. Krzysztof Atlasiewicz, Poland

    Photo gallery of the event 


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