In January 2015 the DISCUS project was launched


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    The project "DISCUSsion on Information Society Building Issues Platform" is funded under International Visegrad Fund. DISCUS is coordinated by the Information Society Development Institute (ISDI) from the Republic of Moldova, a EaP country. The project consortium is consisted of 3 visegrad partners: Poland (Information Society Development Foundation), Slovakia (proIS s.r.o.), Czech Republic (DATAB consult s.r.o.). The DISCUS objective is promotion of the European model of effective application of information society policies/e-Governance tools in Moldova to strengthen participation of academic sector, local government, business, civil society, mass-media in decision making process, using the experience of V4 countries.

    For 2015 year are planned several events and activities: 2 Workshops for local public representatives, civil society organisations and SMEs, 2 Study visits in Visegrad countries, 2 Seminars with representatives of academic sector, government, business, civil society, mass-media and V4 experts on Information Society development issues. Also, will be developed a draft action plan for implementation of local e-services in 2 selected rural localities and recommendations on public policies, regulations in information society field of Moldova.

    The project objectives are in line with Digital Agenda for Europe and national strategic priorities on building information society and European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

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