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    Information Society Development Institute, Republic of Moldova

    Information Society Development Institute (ISDI) is a research institute focused on research and applications for information society development. The Institute is the only R&D organization which is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001 certified. ISDI serves as information and consultancy source, cooperating extensively with individuals and businesses interested in building an information society at national, regional and international levels.

    ISDI aims to become an institute of excellence, providing support through research and applications and acting as a cross-point for national and international organisations in areas of information and knowledge society.


    Information Society Development Foundation, Poland 

    The Information Society Development Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in 2008 by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation. FRSI’s objective is to support and promote the development of an information society with a very well developed services sector, high education standards, broad and inexpensive Internet access, public access to information, and the ability to exchange data irrespective of the distance. FRSI conducts activities to increase access of citizens, institutions and organizations to Internet-based information and communication technologies and strives to popularize the knowledge of the benefits of using those technologies in citizens’ life.

    FRSI carries out modernization projects aimed at involving the inhabitants of Polish villages and small towns in the main course of social and economic life and making it easier for them to gain access to information, knowledge and culture.


    proIS, s.r.o., Slovakia

    proIS was established in 2007 and has rich experience in areas such as the accession process of Slovakia to the EU (1999-2004), projects preparation and administration, building of information society and eGovernance. Some of the experts were involved in building the eGov infrastructure in Slovakia (National Conception of Informatic of Public Administation and its national infrastructure, 2008) and in European bodies (European Environmental Agency, European Commission Task Forces and Working Groups, OECD Working Groups). 

    The company's today activities are still oriented on the work with information, providing them in user friendly format, combined for marketing purposes, using the power of internet,supporting SMEs and public institutions in project preparation support, fundrasining, project administration and creating partnerships. 


    DATAB consult s.r.o., Czech Republic 

    DATAB consult was established in 1999 and company experts were working in Public Administration (State administration and Local self-government). The company has long term experience from implementation of information systems in Economy and Document management in Public administration. 

    DATAB consult is capable of providing support for solutions related to public finance management (methodology and implementation), document management, unification of data elements in information systems of public administration and their management, support of standardization.  

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