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    DISCUS project will be implemented through:

    • Delivery of 2 Workshops for local public representatives, civil society organisations and SMEs (involving study cases) on ICT-driven local development, aimed to identify relevant issues and enhance local participation in the decision-making process, with  participation of V4 experts. Following each workshop a set of recommendations will be prepared on:

              o implementation of relevant information systems for local authorities
              o local e-services to be developed.

    • Organisation of 2 Study visits in Visegrad countries of several visionaries selected from local public representatives, to support knowledge transfer and collaboration.
    • Development of a draft action plan for implementation of local e-services in 2 selected rural localities, taking into account the opportunities for PPPs at the local level.
    • Organisation of 2 Seminars with representatives of academic sector, government, business, civil society, mass-media and V4 experts on Information Society development issues, based on the findings of the workshops. Seminars will focus on:

             o how the identified local issues are reflected and approached in the policy documents developed by CPA
             o draft policy, legislation, regulations in the e-Governance/Information Society area

    • Development of Recommendations on public policies, regulations etc. amendments for the relevant public authorities based on V4 best practices and findings of seminars.

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